Some incredible podcasts for teachers

Podcast for teachers

Podcast can be imagined as a new “radio”-style talk and music shows to listen on internet or your iPod or other MP3 player every day. The following links shared in this blog are my favorite and incredible podcasts from some of the best educators which I recommend for teachers to tune into. 

Podcasts for teachers

1. Classroom Questions : Hosted by, A.J. Juliani and John Spencer. Podcasts on  Classroom Questions are framed to answer frequent questions that teachers have around the world on topics such as classroom management, project-based learning, student engagement, and how to make it on a teacher’s salary.

2. Talks With Teachers

Website : : Talks with Teachers Podcast share all the wonderful things teachers do in their classroom and on their blog. You can even participate in their podcast by just filling a short form available on their website

3. Teachers Aid

Website : : Hosted by Rae Pica on the BAM! Radio Network Teacher Aid podcasts are simple projecting clear views on teacher and student development as a whole.

4.  #Edchat Radio

Website : : Hosted on the BAM! Radio Network Edchat Radio is my favorite in the list. Most of the talks are focused on using technology in classes, innovation in education, building relations with parents. Visit them today we bet you, you are gonna thank me for sharing  this podcast resource.

5.  One Nerdy Teacher

Website : : Want to have a glance and listen to some of the smartest and funniest people in education, this education podcast managed by Nicholas Provenzano is the right place for you to be in.  They talk education, technology and pop culture.

These are my favorite podcasts which I follow on daily basis. There are more quality podcasts available. Am going through every channel. I will be adding more once I find the best one. Be in touch and subscribe to our news letters.

Happy Teaching!

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